Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Annen Juledag

In much of Scandinavia today is known as Annen Juledag in Norwegian and Swedish (also spelled Anden Juledag in Danish). Literally it means "Second Christmas" (Annen = second and Juledag = Yule day or Christmas Day). The day is usually marked by joyful singing, dancing about the house in a line holding hands and eating lots of food with friends and family.

Most Churches will have a second worship service today in addition to the normal Christmas service, but that is in Scandinavia where snow and cold weather is normal. Where I live in North Carolina the moment a flake is seen the city shuts down and everyone prepares for the Apocalypse. Accordingly when we woke up this morning and saw this:

We knew that we would shortly get an email telling us about Church being canceled, and we did and it was.

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