Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Find it Ironic

One of the most painful ironies of our current society is how feminists have chosen to react to the immoral and unethical actions taken by some men. Years before the feminist movement there were a number of men that shirked their family responsibilities, abandoned their wives and placed personal ambition over the the welfare of their posterity. In paying obeisance to this self-serving lifestyle it was only natural that they demand that those who looked up to them for support and affirmation degrade themselves and hold themselves in involuntary servitude. I should emphasize that this was the actions taken by only a few, but it was enough so that when we as a society began to speak of freedom and equality for blacks it was natural for those enslaved by immoral men to think about freedom.

What happened next constitutes one of the saddest ironies of our current society, instead of demanding that their wayward and self-serving husbands return to their family duties, the feminists decided to commit the same error as their enslavers. They too abdicated their place in the family, disparaged their true identity and took upon themselves the very sins that lead to their enslavement. In demanding equality they did not demand that their identity be treated with equal importance or that they be respected as women, but rather that they be allowed to participate in all of the immorality of those who held their greatest work in derision and contempt. Thus began the teaching of a lie that if a woman was to be equal to a man, the only way she could accomplish it would be by becoming a man, or at least doing everything a man does.

I find it ironic that in finding a way to break free from their "enslavement" feminists chose to embrace the very thing that enslaved them in the first place, the selfish and egotistical power mongering of those who had abandoned their responsibility to care for and love their families. I find it ironic that in trying to become free and establish their identity, feminists abandoned their identities and sought to follow after the teachings of those who oppressed them. To this I ask, "Where is your freedom? Where is your liberation? Men still tell you what to do, how to act and where to live. And what is worse is that in abandoning your families you have left no one to raise your children, and they have gone out of the way, because you were not there to teach them. Thus they were left to teach themselves or to be taught by those wicked men who were your first oppressors. How is this freedom?"

Unfortunately after the so called sexual revolution of the 1960's a greater number of men joined the ranks of the immoral and abandoned their families. Thus the doctrine of women's liberation found fertile ground as there were now more who were willing to abandon family and responsibility and join with those whose sole purpose is to debase and degrade all members of the human race. It is ironic that a movement that started out with the aim of bettering the lives of women and preventing their abuse, would ultimately turn out to be the thing that would contribute to their continued enslavement, degradation, debasing and belittling. All because they chose to take upon themselves the attributes of their oppressors rather than finding a more excellent way.

If women want to find liberation and fulfillment then it would make the most sense to do so by expressing their feminine identity, that which makes them women, rather than by emulating all the frailties and selfishness of men. As for men, when they can view women as who they are, and not as objects for manipulation, and when they view their families as worthy of their of their greatest dedication, only then can they be Men and both women and men will be free.

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