Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What I Like About the Earth: Part 11, Dirt Roads

Yes I like dirt roads. They have character, and they keep the faint of heart away from the really interesting places. I remember going for a ride once with a few friends and as we left the pavement and started bumping over rocks one girl in the car said to the driver, "Oh! This is a very rough road! I hope the rocks don't break your car! Aren't you worried that your car will break?" He was driving a Jeep Cherokee (old body style). The funny thing is at the exact moment she said that I had been thinking, "Wow! This is a nice dirt road. They just graded it." I asked her if she had ever been on a dirt road before and she said that she had never even seen a dirt road in her life (though I later told her brother that story and he said that was not true. There was a dirt road close to their house growing up, but they were from Florida and dirt roads in Florida are not the same as dirt roads in the mountainous West).

This one I call Caravan.

But beware the sharp rocks.
I call this one Dust Trails.
This one has the not so interesting name The Straight Road. It's cropped from a larger picture, to emphasize the road more. The original had much more sky in it (over half). Notice the tire off to the side of the road. We weren't the only ones to lose a tire.

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Tiffany said...

Has anyone ever counted how many tires we've changed on dirt roads? (Or is that an impossible task?) :)